MERRY CHRISTMAS! Jewelry Store Offers GREAT Deal, But Liberals Will HATE It!


One Florida jewelry store has found a way to offer a buy one get one free deal on two items purchased in droves around Christmas-time. This “two for one” special is a surefire way to get massive bang for your buck, but it’s safe to say, liberals won’t like it.

Deland’s Downtown Goldsmith Jewelry and Engraving has already closed many of these “two for one” specials, and even though Christmas is right around the corner, they expect to close several more. The jewelry store owner, Jessie Czerok, told the Daily News Wednesday, she has dubbed the sale “Fire and Ice.”

The term “Fire and Ice” refers to marketing techniques used in both industries: Ice, representing the glittering diamonds, while fire represents the firing of a gun. Deland’s Downtown Goldsmith Jewelry and Engraving promotes this sale on an annual basis: buy a piece of jewelry and get a free shotgun. Czerok said, “Men are notoriously late shoppers. Christmas Eve is always busy.”

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One of the free shotguns DeLand’s is giving away

Customers wishing to take part in the deal, netting the free 12-gauge shotgun, must spend between $450 and $4,000 on jewelry, Czerok said. The giveaway weapon is worth about $270. Czerok calms the liberal fears and is assuring everyone that the jewelry store doubles as a Federal Firearms License dealer and all those hoping to score the free shotgun must undergo a background check.

“If they don’t pass, they don’t get a gun,” she said. “We don’t just let anyone walk out of here with a gun.”

The jewelry store was established over 14 years ago and began selling firearms in 2012. That year, the team started the gun giveaway deal. Downtown Goldsmith Jewelry and Engraving has given out about two times as many guns this season as it has in the past two years — and the customers are more diverse, Czerok said.  She also said many women come in and buy themselves a piece of “ice” then give the “fire” to their husband as a gift. And don’t worry if you miss this sale because Czerok is planning to run the same deal around Valentine’s Day.

What a great idea and an excellent deal on jewelry and a shotgun. Czerok has received only positive feedback from the community and has intends on continuing the deal each year she remains open. Others should take note. This is a great idea to increase sales and help arm America. The 12-gauge shotgun is a necessity among gun owners, especially hunters, and there’s no better time to get one than as a gift for Christmas.

“Fire and Ice” make the best Christmas gifts.

H/T [New York Daily News]

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