Mia Love’s Powerful Words At “March For Life”

Mia Love’s Powerful Words At “March For Life”


Mia Love delivers an amazing argument against abortion. Grab the kleenex…

Rep. Mia Love (R., Utah) gave a heartfelt speech to the crowd at the annual March for Life on Friday.

Love told the story of her Haitian immigrant parents who decided not to abort her.

“Each child born and unborn has the potential to open up our world and take us to places and spaces we’ve never imagined,” Love said. “Each living child carries with him or her the potential for greatness.”

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Love said that every time a child is killed by an abortion, the potential of the country is killed as well.

“Every time we kill a child, we, all of us, suffer,” Love said. “We lose a little of ourselves and a whole lot of our future.” More

Mia Love: “Forty-one years ago that couple from Haiti could have made the choice to abort, but they didn’t.” “They chose life. They didn’t choose what might have been; they chose what is to come. They went and followed and fostered that life, and the future and the dreams that baby would bring.”

“I’m certain that this couple would never have thought that that child would become the first black female Republican ever to be elected to Congress.”

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