Miami Police CALL FOR BOYCOTT Of Beyonce After Racist, Cop-Hating Show At Super Bowl (Video)

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Beyonce and her dancers raise the Black Power fist at Super Bowl 50.

Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime performance was a cop-hating political statement in support of the Black Panthers – a Marxist group whose leader Huey Newton was was arrested for shooting Police Officer John Frey.

Beyonce’s racist performance included only black dancers dressed as Black Panther rebels.

Police in Tampa have turned down requests to work Beyonce’s upcoming concert. So far no one has signed up to work the show.

And now Miami police are calling for a boycott of her show.


CBS Local reported:

Members of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police are calling for all law enforcement officers to boycott Beyoncé’s concert in Miami later this year.

Thursday morning, the president of the group – Javier Ortiz – mailed out a letter saying the group had voted “to have all law enforcement officers boycott Beyoncé’s concert” at Miami Marlins Stadium on April 27th.

The vote was over officers choosing not work the Beyoncé concert. The vote not to work it was unanimous.

“Officers that work these extra duties. They’re called extra duties for a reason. It’s because they’re voluntary and I simply will not sign up and many of the officers that I’ve spoken to said that they’re not going to sign up,” said Ortiz who spoke exclusively with CBS4’s Gary Nelson.

Ortiz says the group believes Beyoncé used the Super Bowl to “divide Americans by promoting Black Panthers and her anti-police message.”


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