Michelle And Her Legacy Just Got Slapped HARD By Reality


Michelle And Her Legacy Just Got Slapped HARD By Reality

Despite many Americans shouting from the rooftops that they don’t want what the Obamas are selling, the First Family continues to shove whatever they damn well please down our throats. However, it seems that Michelle Obama just got slapped extremely hard by reality, and it couldn’t have felt very nice to her.

We’ve witnessed the havoc the Obamas have been wreaking on America in an attempt to leave their mark on history. It seems that their legacy is more important than the impact it has on the American people – we saw it with Obamacare, and we see it with Michelle’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act in the form of pitiful school lunches.

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That isn’t the only agonizing initiative Michelle has made that’s aimed at kids, as her sights were set on childhood obesity early in her tenure as First Lady. Alongside other efforts such as Let’s Move – the program that has only resulted in annoying commercials and a waste of taxpayer money for advertising purposes – Michelle is doing her best to be remembered.

Heck, even President Obama lent a helping hand with Obamacare as insurers were required “to allow for screening and counseling for obesity at no cost to the patient,” according to Western Journalism. Unfortunately for Michelle, it appears that her work isn’t doing a thing, and the numbers just came out to prove it. Despite all her whining and forcing kids to eat something I wouldn’t even feed to my dog, it appears it’s all been in vain.


Gallup and Healthways recently released their findings of a poll consisting of 176,000 participants that clearly showed an increase in American obesity. Although the obesity rate in 2014 was 27.1 percent, it’s since gone up to 27.7 percent. This may not sound like a lot, but given the fact that 25.5 percent of Americans were obese back in 2008, we can see that her initiatives are not really having a positive effect. The Obamas have failed America once again. More

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