Michelle Obama Drops The Hammer On School After It Drops Her Lunches


Apparently, the dictatorial powers bestowed upon Barack Obama, by Barack Obama, now extend to his wife, Michelle Obama, as a school is paying a major price for dropping Michelle’s “healthy” lunch program.

The Bozeman, Montana school district voted to discontinue its high school’s participation in the National School Lunch program, run by Queen Moochelle, because of the enormous amount of waste it produced, according to the Great Falls Tribune. The 5-3 vote by the board came last week, after the school lost around $35,000 last year in waste, and board members predicted those losses would only increase as Empress Obama’s standards clamped down even tighter in the coming years.

Unfortunately, the Obama regime doesn’t like it when people act against their will, and the school district is going to be paying a hefty price for doing so. How hefty? Well, they currently receive federal subsidies of $117,000 annually, which they’ll be forfeiting for dropping the Queen Bee’s lunch menus. More

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