Michelle Obama Makes Surprise Appearance On “Jeopardy” To Promote… Wait, Is She Bald?

michelle-obamaMichelle Obama Makes Surprise Appearance On “Jeopardy” To Promote . . . Wait, Is She Bald?…

Mooch Goes Bald

That’s a picture I’m guessing you could have all done without (if I had to see it we all have to see it! Feel my pain!).


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The First Lady’s “Jeopardy” clues are provoking hair-raising questions.


Michelle Obama’s appearance on Tuesday’s episode of the American game show mainstay has the fashionista FLOTUS’ admirers wondering if she may have shaved off her famous locks. A seemingly shorn Obama presented answers related to healthy eating on the show, but the potential new look could have been created by a camera angle and lighting obscuring her ponytail.


Regardless, Twitter users reacted in near-panic after the show.


“We need answers @MichelleObama!” one user tweeted at the First Lady.

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