Michelle’s ‘Healthy” School Lunches Being Fed To Worms At One High School


Mooch’s “Healthy” School Lunches Being Fed To Worms At One South Carolina High School…

It’s too bad they don’t feed the entire lunch to worms and give the kids normal lunches…

Via EAG News:

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HOPKINS, S.C. – Officials at South Carolina’s Lower Richland High School have found an audience that loves Michelle Obama’s healthy lunches: worms.


A new program at the school recycles the district’s lunch leftovers to create compost that’s used to grow produce for the culinary program. Leftover food is hauled to a 2,200-pound food dehydrator where it’s dried to create coffee-like material that’s fed to red worms in vermiculite pods, ColaDaily.com reports.


The worms break down the dehydrated food waste to produce worm castings, a vital ingredient in quality compost. That compost is used for the school’s solar-powered greenhouse to grow vegetables, and flowers for school fundraisers, according to the news site.


The 30-panel solar array that powers the greenhouse was paid for in part with a $25,000 from the local Palmetto Energy. The rest of the $142,361 “LifeCycle Innovation Project” came from “a number of partnership grants.” The school worked with the public-private collaboration firm EngenuitySC to organize the project.


The Free-Times reports the district choose the program because it “was looking to use federal grant money to create a project that would directly link to its STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) program…” More

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