Michigan HS Attacked By Diversity Brigade Despite Allowing Students To Promote “Transgender Visibility Day”



Michigan HS Attacked By Diversity Brigade Despite Allowing Students To Promote “Transgender Visibility Day” On Bullet Board…

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


A school bulletin board highlighting transgender equality is sparking controversy in Marshall.


The Gay Straight Alliance recently decorated the school’s bulletin board to spread a message of acceptance for their transgender classmates.


When that was taken down, some students say their right to free speech was silenced, but the district says that’s not the case.


It was meant to promote inclusion and acceptance, but instead, the board is pinning some parents against students.


“This was surrounding a Facebook incident surrounding a mother that was very upset,” said Kate Samra, the President of the Gay Straight Alliance. “She thought it was inappropriate for the school setting and that it didn’t exhibit Christian values.”


Samra says two weeks ago, the group put up the Transgender Day of Transparency board, in honor of Transgender Visibility Day, March 31.


The board was taken down on Monday.


“I met with the principal of my school today and he said he felt like the situation needed to be diffused, so that’s why he did take the board down,” Samra said.


“We have had complaints once in a while from a parent about that. We talk about the fact that our students have a right to freedom of speech and equal access, and each of those times we didn’t take the posters down, we didn’t change what the kids were trying to do,” said Randy Davis, Marshall Superintendent.

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