Michigan Zoo Removes Carousel Horse With Confederate Flag


Replaced by a unicorn with a rainbow flag. (Sarcasm)


Mid-Michigan is definitely not somewhere where you would expect to hear about the controversial Confederate flag.

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But here at the Saginaw children’s zoo, some complaints came in about a horse on the carousel, which was painted years ago to depict history.


Many argue, it’s just an image of history – what’s the big deal? Well for some, this is a symbol of hatred and racism. And officials from the zoo say they are not a museum and are not obligated to display items that depict history, especially is those depictions offend some of its clients.


“The carousel is all based on history. If you look at the running boards, all that, it’s all Saginaw history. But we’re not a museum, we’re a zoo, and we really are a community place, and we really are a public place. So we really want the community to come in here and be comfortable. It’s very different than being in a museum.”


This is actually going to be a quick fix: the horse with the confederate flag on it will simply be repainted.

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