Migrant In Caravan Convicted Of Attempted Murder In US… Hoping He’ll Get Back In

No one in their right mind would think letting thousands of unvetted immigrants into our country is a good idea. Tell the Democrats we’re not letting them into our country.

Since Mexico offered sanctuary to this group and they refused it they should never be considered for the same in the US.

They have no right to enter the US without going through the proper application processes before they enter our nation! It’s far past time to put a stop to this invasion…

“I want to enter and ask for a pardon” the migrant answered in Spanish. The translator confirmed the statement. “He says he wants to apply for a pardon for the felony he committed.”

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“What is your felony, exactly?” the translator asked.

“Number three,” Jose answered in English. “A third-degree felony,” the translator confirmed.

“Intento de matar,” the migrant continued. Translation: “Attempt of murder.”


Fox News interviewed a caravan member who straight up admitted he’s a felon who was convicted of attempted murder, yet he’s still hoping to be granted asylum after President Trump gives him a pardon. Fast forward to the :50 second mark and pay attention to the look on the translator’s face when she realizes his crime. Priceless. More

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