Military Special Operators Have To Pay For Most Basic Gear Out Of Their Own Pockets

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Great way we look out for our military.

Via: Daily Caller

For reasons still unclear, elite special operators are often let down by their respective services and have to pay out of pocket for the most basic gear.

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Private military suppliers have started to notice this phenomenon. During a panel discussion on Capitol Hill Thursday, heads of supply companies met with Congress to discuss the shortages and raise the issue with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, Stars and Stripes reports.


In one case, former Navy SEAL Sean Matson had to pay $900 for an advanced ballistic helmet after the military measured his head four times but subsequently failed to provide him with the necessary equipment. This same scenario has repeated itself with GPS devices and medical gear.


The shortages may come as a shock to some, since according to GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter, “These are the guys we assume have the best gear all the time.” More

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