Liberal Violence Backfires: Milo’s Book Sales Explode!

Liberal Violence Backfires: Milo's Book Sales Explode!

Milo’s book sales exploded…

Do we now just need Milo to go to every other liberal University, so they will destroy their own schools too?


Liberals took the UC Berkeley campus on Wednesday night to protest and attempt to take down conservative star Milo Yiannopoulos at his speech on the campus. The violent liberals destroyed property, attacked trump supporters, and even pepper sprayed a young girl.

The violence from the liberals was so extreme the President Trump addressed the situation via Twitter early Thursday morning hinting that if UC Berkeley doesn’t support free speech that they might get cut off from Federal funding.

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In a new development, the wicked plans of the left have backfired (as usual) as Milo’s book sales boomed overnight.

Zero Hedge:

Sales of Milo’s book have increased 12,740% overnight sending it rocketing from 642nd to 5th ranked best-seller on Amazon. Pretty impressive considering the book is not even released until March 14th 2017.

So despite all the best efforts of the liberal intelligentsia to shut down his ‘free-speech’ last night – hurting the feelings of 600 conservatives who were looking forward to the eventwe suspect a lot more than 600 Americans are now about to get a crash course in how Milo thinks.

In review, violent and intolerant liberals sought to shut down Milo and ended up creating such a mess that their actions garnered national attention which included the President threatening to defund the school. Instead of several hundred people hearing Milo’s message, hundreds of thousands now will as his book sold like crazy overnight and in the process the liberals trashed one of America’s most liberal campuses.


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