Minnesota Woman Told To Remove Her American Flag, But She Refuses To Back Down & Fights Back!

For most people, the American flag is a symbol of pride, honoring those who have died to protect the freedoms we enjoy. However, now that symbol of freedom is ironically not allowed to be flown, since it is against the rules.

Angie Hildebrandt of Minnesota decorates her home patriotically, using the American flag and pictures of her two sons, one of which is a Marine and the other an Army specialist. However, Hildebrant has been informed by her condo association that she cannot fly her American flag outside her home on her porch, and she has been ordered to take it down.

Being a very proud military mother, she flew her flag outside her condo, but that’s when the Southdale Gardens Condominium Association told her she was violating association rules. “I was heartbroken, I was sad, I was angry,” Hildebrandt said. “Every emotion that I had came out when I got that letter under my door.”

Woman Told She Must Remove Her American Flag From Her Private Property

Angie Hildebrandt American flag

The condo’s legal team alleges the association is not against being patriotic; however, these were the rules agreed to when when purchasing the condo. But Hildebrandt begs to differ, as she says that it does not state in the rules that you cannot fly a flag outside your property.

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“It does not state that I can’t fly a flag, it says everything else, but it doesn’t mention a flag.”

The rules state that a property owner cannot have signs, advertisements, hanging garments or rugs, wind chimes, bells, or any other item creating noise, but it does not say anything about flags.

Hildebrandt says she has the law on her side, stating that the The Freedom to Display The American Flag Act of 2005 prevents the condo from asking her to take it down. However, the association’s legal team argues that only the inside of Hildebrandt’s porch is her legal property, so the act doesn’t apply. In an email, the association said, “Ms. Hildebrandt installed the flag holder on common property, not in a location that she has a separate ownership interest over, or exclusive use of.” More

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