Minor League Baseball Team ANGERS Millennials #Triggered

This is awesome! If SNL were putting it on, no one would care. Time to suck it up, snowflakes…

It’s pretty simple. Anybody who was offended by this tweet was never going to spend any money at a Montgomery Biscuits game anyway.

Of course, some are mad because progressives don’t know how to take a joke. The fact is, sometimes the truth does really hurt.

USA Today:

No major American professional sport has an older fanbase than baseball, and Major League Baseball has recognized that with new initiatives in hopes of making the game more watchable for a wider audience.

Basically, baseball teams should want people under the age of 35 to attend their games.

The marketing team for the Montgomery Biscuits — the Tampa Bay Rays’ Double-A affiliate — must have missed that memo.

On Wednesday, the team announced its upcoming “Millennial Night” promotion, which would include participation ribbons, napping, selfie stations and plenty of avocados. There was no word if mounting student-loan debt and unaffordable mortgages would get dedicated stations as well.

If there’s one way to ensure that millennials don’t attend a baseball game, the Biscuits probably pulled it off. As word of the promotion spread on social media, millennials were less than enthused by the team’s efforts. More

Here’s a sampling:

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