Missouri Lawmakers Are Asking The State’s Department Of Revenue To Recall An Offensive License Plate

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Missouri Lawmakers are asking the state’s Department of Revenue to recall what some think is an offensive license plate.

The plate with “JIHAD 1” inscribed on it, was issued as a personal plate earlier this year.

State Representative Charlie Davis of Webb City said that the plate came to his attention earlier this week.

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Davis and State Representative Mike Kelley of Lamar then began spearheading efforts to have the plate removed.

The lawmakers were able to verify that the plate was real and not an internet hoax. From there, lawmakers began negotiating with the Department of Revenue to have the plate pulled because of its allegedly offensive nature.

Senator Ron Richard has said that while the actual meaning of the word “Jihad” can be interpreted as “struggle,” the word’s meaning in our society is far different and is often linked with terrorism. At first, according to Richard, the Department of Revenue was reluctant to have the plate removed at all.

Richard noted that the motion was made after being contacted by people from his district.”  More

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Posted by KSN 16 on Thursday, March 10, 2016

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