Missouri Republicans To The Poor ➠ No More Lobster Or Adult Films



Missouri Republicans Stigmatize SNAP Card Holders: No More Lobster Or Adult Films…

Easy fix, the card holders can only purchase food that is Mooch approved for school lunch programs.

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Via Inquisitr

The Missouri State Legislature is sounding a simple but increasingly loud message to the poorest of their constituents: No more lobster or adult films.


Missouri State Representative Rick Brattin (R) has proposed a bill that seeks to limit what recipients of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) — commonly referred to as food stamps — are able to purchase with their benefits. House Bill 813 attempts to prohibit SNAP recipients from purchasing fish, steak, soda, cookies, chips and energy drinks.


An easy case could be made for prohibiting the purchase of such food items as cookies and chips — or junk food, in general — as those items provide very little actual nutrition, which is the whole purpose of the SNAP program. Nutrition experts have been exploring the possibility of removing such items from the approved list of what SNAP recipients can purchase for awhile.[…]


The St. Louis Dispatch editorial board was quick to sound off against Missouri’s Republican-controlled state legislature for their consistent usage of negative stigmas surrounding people who rely on government assistance.


“Among many, if not most, Republican lawmakers in Missouri, it is an article of faith that people on ‘welfare’ are lazy good-for-nothings who prefer to sit on the sofa watching TV, eating steak, gawking at pornography and soaking up fabulous government benefits instead of hauling their able bodies to work. The facts behind poverty in Missouri belie this notion, but never mind! Why let facts get in the way when stereotypes are so much easier?”[..]


But poor people purchasing pornography is an actual concern for Republican legislators in Missouri, because alongside House Bill 813 is House Bill 977, sponsored by Rep. J. Eggleston (R), which, as the bill itself states, “adds pornography to the list of items that are prohibited from being purchased with TANF or SNAP benefits using an EBT card.” The editorial board at the St. Louis Dispatch had scathing remarks about that bill, as well.


“Rep. J. (he just uses the initial) Eggleston, R-Maysville, makes it clear that you can’t use an electronic benefits card to buy pornography. Not that anyone is known to have done so, or that there’s any pornography available free on the Internet, but you can’t be too careful.” More

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