SPECIAL VIDEO REPORT: Judge Roy Moore Accusers Linked To Drug Dealers & WaPo

Just when you thought the Alabama Senate race couldn’t get any wilder, a new report comes along to prove you wrong. Just ahead of the Alabama Senate race, One America News uncovers shocking ties between Roy Moore accusers and a major news organization.

One America’s Pearson Sharp has the exclusive report and reveals how one woman’s ties to drug dealers throw’s her entire story into question. So this is what it looks like when reporters actually do their job? I nearly forgot with all the propaganda from the MSM. Good reporting backed by investigative facts, wow what a concept.

TGP: In an exclusive report, One America News says Moore’s accusers have ties to drug dealers and the Washington Post. The accuser, retired Alabama police officer Faye Gray, claims she was responsible for keeping an eye on Moore at the Gadsden Mall because he would make unwanted sexual advancements on young women.

OAN says its “own research revealed no truth behind the claims against Moore at the mall.”

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Gray’s brother, Jimmy Wright, was arrested for distributing controlled substances in 1981. The prosecutor for the case was none other than Roy Moore.

OAN reports Moore made another enemy after ruling against convicted drug dealer Richard Hagedorn, who was brought before Judge Moore over contempt charges stemming from back payments for alimony and child support. Moore ruled against Hagedorn in 1994 and is still making alimony and child support payments.

The report then takes another turn.

Richard Hagedorn is the brother of David Hagedorn, a “longtime editor,” of the Washington Post.

Judge Roy Moore is under siege after the Washington Post published sexual advancement allegations against the Alabama GOP Senate candidate.

On November 9th, the Washington Post accused Judge Moore of dating a 14 year-old girl in 1979.

Judge Moore has denied the claims.

While the link between the Moore allegation and David Hagedorn isn’t clear, the connection is highly coincidental, says OAN.

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