Mosby’s Police Officer Family? Mother Resigned, Uncle Fired For Drugs & Dad Fired For Robbing Drug Dealers

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Now you know why she hates police and sees it as her mission to ‘reform’ criminal justice…to the benefit of the criminal.


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Via Daily Caller:

The mother of Baltimore city state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby faced numerous disciplinary actions during her 20-year career as a Boston police officer, though the public wouldn’t know it based on the Freddie Gray case prosecutor’s public statements touting her family’s strong policing history.


The 35-year-old Mosby has used her family’s police ties to rebut critics who say she rushed to judgement and overcharged the six cops involved in Gray’s April 12 arrest. The 25-year-old Gray died a week later, touching off rioting in Baltimore and nationwide protests. More

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