Mother Of Orlando Shooting Victim Takes The Stage At DNC

Why is her speech only about how many rounds the gun can shoot? The gun doesn’t pull its trigger alone or aim its self at innocent people. Why are we not talking about the disease that is Islam, running rabid in our country? Why are we not putting more emphasis on the hatred towards other people? Why is it only about how many rounds a guns shoots per minute? Surely this mother, who was a former state trooper, understands that it is a person who decides to go on a shooting rampage, not a gun. And even if those types of guns were not available legally, I am sure they could buy one illegally or use a different weapon.

Weasel Zippers:

No, my dear, the weapon doesn’t have any greater capacity than any other gun. One bullet per trigger pull. “The weapon” didn’t murder your son, the Islamic terrorist did.

How does the DNC actually talk about an Islamic terrorist massacre without even mentioning that it is an Islamic terrorist massacre? By turning it into a cause for gun control?

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