Mother Of Police Officer Murdered By DREAMER Asks Politicians This One Question!

Mary Ann Mendoza asks where were all these politicians when my son’s life was taken?

Ma’am, I’m very sorry but they don’t care about your son anymore now than they did then. They only care about votes, money, and their own power. Only President Trump has recognized the incredible loss of these parents.

This grieving mother will no doubt be called a hater and a racist by the loving, peaceful, and compassionate left…

TGPMary Ann Mendoza is the mother of Sgt. Brandon Mendoza who was killed in a head on collision with a drunk illegal immigrant in May 2014. The illegal who killed Officer Mendoza was a repeat offender.

Mary Ann Mendoza described her son on his memorial page.

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Brandon had many dreams of what he wanted to continue achieving in his life and had just completed the renovation of the Guerrero Park area in Mesa. He changed the neighborhood forever with his relentless drive to make it a safe place for the families and especially the children of the area. He worked with the City of Mesa Building Code Division to have landlords bring their rental properties up to code to provide a safe living environment for renters. He made friends with everyone he met. the community knew they could trust him and he was there for them.

Brandon worked with the Grant Woods Boys and Girls Club to have a neighborhood Thanksgiving Dinner each year for the residents he worked with on a daily basis.

President Trump is set to end DACA Tuesday with a 6-month delay.

Attorney General Sessions is going to make the announcement today.

Liberals and RINOs are outraged at the announcement.

On Sunday Mary Ann tweeted this out.

For some reason the victims of DREAMER criminals never seem to make any headlines.

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