MSNBC Allows Dem Rep. Guitierrez To Promote His Event To Help Immigrants Avoid Deportation



MSNBC Allows Dem Rep. Guitierrez To Promote His Event To Help Immigrants Avoid Deportation…

Further blurring that line.

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GUTIERREZ: “Jose, tomorrow what we’re going to do is everybody that comes to the event, they’re going to learn how to protect themselves. So let’s say they’re driving, they went 10 miles over the speed limit, hey, pay the ticket. But if they take you before an immigration agent because you were taking — you were driving a car, the punishment shouldn’t be deportation. You know, let’s go after gang bangers, criminal, drug dealers, people do harm in our community. Not people who are driving their kids to school or to the doctor. People who are just living their lives and working. Let’s prioritize the criminals and we want to teach them how to protect themselves under the president’s executive order because the president told you there are going to be consequences to those who don’t prioritize deportation. We also on our end have to train people and inform them how to ‘S the those ICE agents to have those prioritizations.”

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