MSNBC: Coronavirus Disproportionately Killing Minorities Because of ‘Deep Structural Racism’

RUHLE: “Eddie, tell me what this is doing to the African-American community, small business owners, from a health perspective, people who don’t have the liberty to socially distance.”

GLAUDE JR.: “Well, the first thing that we need to recognize is that we’re dying. We’re dying at alarming rates. We’re looking at the data as it’s coming in, because we have to cry for it. We’re seeing 70% of the deaths in Milwaukee, African-American. 70% of the deaths in Chicago, African-American. 70% of the deaths in New Orleans, African-American. When we look at my own home state, 72% of the death, African-American. Jackson County, my old hometown, six people have died. Five of those six people have been from my town, Moss Point, Mississippi. So we’re dying. And we’re seeing the disproportionate impact of the burden of this pandemic precisely because of the inequality and the deep structural racism that has defined American society for generations. And you know, Stephanie, we have to put this into context. I’ve said this earlier, and I close my eyes because I’m trying to think of the devastation. We’ve barely survived the Great Recession of 2008. We haven’t — we lost our homes, we lost our jobs, we re-entered the labor market through the gig economy and at the bottom rung. We’ve barely gotten back on our feet. And now here comes this pandemic. And so we lost a decade, the decade of the ‘90s because of the Great Recession of 2008. I’m talking about black America. And I think the effects of this pandemic will throw us back into the ‘60s and the ‘50s in terms of our economic standing. But I’m worried about our psychic and existential state. I am. It is — well, we’ll see what happens.”

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