MSNBC Guest ➠ ‘Voter Suppression’ A ‘More Sophisticated Form Of Lynching’


MSNBC Guest: ‘Voter Suppression’ a ‘More Sophisticated Form of Lynching’

During a panel discussion on racism in America on MSNBC’s Last Word w/ Lawrence O’Donnell Monday night, Mark Thompson, host on SIRIUS XM, argued that “voter suppression” is a new and “more sophisticated form of lynching” taking place in America today. 


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After host Lawrence O’Donnell and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson evaluated President Obama’s use of the n-word to explain the history of racism in America, Thompson insisted that “we’re seeing history repeat itself” following Reconstruction.

The liberal radio host expanded on his far left views that how African Americans were treated after the Civil War is occurring today just in a “more sophisticated” manner:

I think we’re seeing history repeat itself. The same atmosphere that existed after reconstruction when the period of reclamation started, the first Congressional Black Caucus, which was as significant as the first black president at the time, these are former slaves in Congress, were met with voter disenfranchisement and violence. Lynchings of innocent people.


The first black president, and what we might consider the second reconstruction after Selma, his administration has been met with voter suppression again. We’re reliving that and a more sophisticated form of lynching. Many of us see no disparity between Emanuel [sic]and Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and Renisha McBride and Michael Brown and Eric Garner. All of that is part of the same thing. So this is history repeating itself and it’s appropriate for the president to speak.

Rather than push back against Thompson’s assertion that lynching is still taking place in America today, the rest of the panel agreed and Duke University professor Guy-Uriel Charles insisted that America needs to have a discussion about “who counts as a first class citizen in this country” because it’s “always been the question from the founding, especially as it relates to African-Americans.” More

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