MSNBC Guest Demands “Healthy Dialogue” On “Transracial Issues”


MSNBC Guest Demands “Healthy Dialogue” On “Transracial Issues”…

What exactly is “?”

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Via Newsbusters:

HALL: But on a serious note here, going back to this note from this doctor who sent this on Twitter, are we now looking at a space where I am Caitlyn, so that’s how she wants to identify herself – are we now at a transracial point?  Because when blacks passed for white it was in many cases because their life was in danger. Are we at a transracial point now where someone like a Rachel is now on the forefront of something we’ve probably never discussed before?


HUTCHINSON: Well, and we are going to discuss it and we should discuss it. Because you know what? Everything is changing. You know, when you’re looking at race in America and the whole dynamic and how it’s framed – you know, historically, Tamron, there was black and white. Then, of course, it was expanded. Asian, Hispanic, and now we have a new dynamic, biracial and transracial. Alright, so Rachel fits into that dialogue, and guess what? We’re going to keep having that dialogue. And quite frankly, Tamron, I think it’s a healthy dialogue.

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