MSNBC Host Owes The IRS $70,000

MSNBC Host Owes the IRS ,000

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry said she didn’t know that she and her husband, James Perry, had been placed on a $70,000 tax lien, according to an April 6 court notice from the IRS.

Harris-Perry hosts a weekend talk show on the left-leaning cable channel and is a faculty member at Wake Forest University’s School of Politics and International Affairs in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She is also an advocate for gender and race issues in the South.

(Credit: Newsbusters)

(Credit: Newsbusters)

The Winston-Salem Journal reported that the cable host sent an email Wednesday in which she said she was aware of the debt but didn’t know about the lien to which the court notice referred.

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Harris-Perry claimed she and her husband paid $21,721 of their debt when they filed their 2014 taxes, which were due the same day she sent the email. However, at least a portion of what the couple still owes dates back to the 2013 tax year, which were due in to Uncle Sam by April 15, 2014. More

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