MSNBC: Protesters Who Want To Open Economy Are Racist, ‘Want To See More Black And Brown People Die’

Michael Harriot: “What they’re saying, quite clearly [is], ‘I want more black and brown people to die.’”

People of all colors have turned out for these protests. Isn’t it racist to assume that “black and brown people” don’t want to go back to work? How much more condescending can these talking heads get?


Renee Graham: “Well, one thing I think is interesting is how these protests have started after all the headlines the last week or so about the disproportionate affect the virus is having on communities of color. When I look at these protests, what I see are a bunch of white people essentially saying, oh, it’s affecting those people, so why do I have to change my life for them? That’s what this is coming down to. In Boston, the numbers are the same as they are nationally. One of the hospitals, one of the public hospitals, Boston medical center, 82% of the covid-19 cases are either black or Latino. These numbers are real. I think what you’re seeing in the protesters, who, by the way, are overwhelmingly white, which people aren’t talking about, which is quite noticeable, is they don’t care. This isn’t about — they’re out there waving American flags. They don’t care about America. What they care about is Donald Trump. What Donald Trump has created. They don’t care about the people risking their lives to keep this country moving. They don’t care about empty, dangerous, rebellion. All they want is another battle waged for their lost cause. This isn’t a protest. This is a temp tantrum.”

Joy Reid: “Michael, I feel like this is in your lane, so I’m going to let you respond to that.”

Michael Harriot: “See, again, I disagree with the notion we shouldn’t be covering this because I think it is more than just, I don’t care about these black and brown people who are dying. I think that what they’re saying, quite clearly, when you see the numbers when you see the statistics when you see the CDC, I want more black and brown people to die. That if you want the government to open up, then you want more black and brown people to die. We see it happening in real-time. We see it in Donald Trump’s Tweets. We see it in the data, there can be no other outcome if you open up what they call their society or the business or the country unless you see more black and”

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