MSNBC Guest Warns Armed Teachers Might Start Shooting Minority Students

Please, someone help us get back to the time that we could watch the major news networks and not think that they are bunch of raving idiots.

I don’t suppose they could be disciplined more because they act out more? I mean, that’s just not possible, right?

If the teacher is armed and properly trained, this is for protection against school shooters, regardless of their ethnicity.


MSNBC contributor Yamiche Alcindor alleged on Thursday that if teachers are armed with guns they might shoot their minority students.

Alcindor was reacting to reports that secretary of education Betsy DeVos is considering a proposal that would allow states to use federal funds to arm teachers.

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“There are some people I have talked to, some advocates, who are very worried about the racial impacts that this will have … if you start arming teachers, you look at the statistics and say there are black and brown students who are being disciplined more than their white counterparts, you could then start seeing statistics where potentially black students are getting shot or in accidents when their teachers are trying to shoot,” Alcindor claimed.

“The NAACP and other advocacy groups say, not only are we looking at this as an issue issue, but it’s also the idea that racially it’s going to be a problem,” she asserted.

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