MSNBC’s Ratings Implosion Continues ➠ First Quarter Ratings Hit 10-Year Low!

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MSNBC’s Ratings Implosion Continues, First Quarter Ratings Hit 10-Year Low…

Even better, MSNBC’s unwatchable shrill Rachel Maddow saw her ratings hit an all-time low.

Via Mediaite:

… It’s safe to say MSNBC has the least to brag about for this quarter.


Their press releases focused mostly on March 2015 ratings rather than the quarter, and this is likely why: For Q1 2015, MSNBC’s weekday primetime experienced a 45% decrease in key 25-54 demo viewership from Q1 2014. The network’s total daytime demo viewership declined 39% from Q1 2014. Additionally, a key program like The Rachel Maddow Show hit an all-time low in quarterly demo ratings since its Sept. 2008 launch.


In total day and weekday primetime demo ratings, MSNBC hit its lowest quarterly levels in 10 years (since Q2 2005), and its lowest quarter of total viewership since the last quarter of 2007.

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