Mueller’s ‘Right-Hand Man’ On Russia Probe Represented Clinton IT Aide Who Set Up Unsecure Server & Smashed Phones With A Hammer

Were there no other lawyers available except for the anti-Trump, pro-Clinton folks? This is getting a little insane. The stink of government abuse continues. The IRS, FBI, DOJ, etc. are being used as tools against political opponents and this has got to stop now!

Yet another key member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe appears to have deep ties to the Democratic Party.

Aaron Zebley served previously as Mueller’s chief of staff at the FBI and as a senior counselor in the National Security Division at the Department of Justice. He also served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the National Security and Terrorism Unit in Alexandria, Virginia.

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He is often referred to in the media as Mueller’s “right-hand man.”

Also, in 2015 when he was a lawyer, he represented Justin Cooper, the IT staffer who personally set up Hillary Clinton’s unsecure server in her Chappaqua home, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed on his show Thursday.

Cooper, it so happens, is also the aide who destroyed Clinton’s old BlackBerries with a hammer.

Documents obtained by Fox News show that Senate investigators grew frustrated with Zebley after being repeatedly stonewalled when they were trying to set up a meeting with Cooper.

“Mr. Zebley telephoned Homeland Security [Committee] staff to inform them that Cooper had chosen to cancel the interview,” the documents said. Read more at PJ Media.

This gets worse by the day, the stench can be smelled clear across the entire nation.

As Gingrich said the other day, “The degree of corruption we are seeing is incredible.”

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