Muslim Father Takes 12-Year-Old Daughter ➠ Commits Unspeakable Horrors


Muslim Father Takes 12-Year-Old Daughter, Commits Unspeakable Horrors

There is no creature more miserable, oppressed, or abused than the devout Muslim wife of a devout Muslim man. Although women are disallowed the right to property, inheritance, independence, or even a voice under Sharia law, they bear more burden than we can imagine.

“I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing women,” Muhammad’s favorite child bride exclaimed, most likely after being “struck on the chest” for displeasing her husband who would become the exemplar of Islam.

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This was the first example of how a man is to treat a free Muslim woman, and also how woman are to remain utterly obedient to please her male relatives. Because of this misogynistic faith, a young Muslim girl was subject to the most horrific torture and abuse, even after she sought justice.

Twenty-three-year-old Khatera is an Afghan woman with two small children, a 4-year-old and 3-month-old, Khaama Press reports. However, unlike most Muslim women her age, she has never been married and has no boyfriend. In fact, the father of her children is much closer to her — too close.

Khatera has been repeatedly raped and abused by her own father since she was a child. Subsequently, she was impregnated by him twice, having two young children who are also her siblings.

After years of sexual abuse, she is finally in the process of prosecuting her rapist father in a preliminary court in Kabul, which was delayed due to unknown reasons, but this isn’t the first time she attempted to put a stop to her father’s sickening behavior.

When she was 12, Khatera confided in her relatives, begging the extended Muslim family to help her escape the cruelty, she told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). However, they refused the little girl, urging her to keep quiet so as not to bring dishonor upon her father and family. More


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