Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxer’s Sister Blames The NYPD


Well I suppose filing a false police report is preferable to being the victim of an honor killing.


No, my dear. It’s the fault of your sister and your strict Muslim family who didn’t want her to become westernized and date a Catholic boy, your family who even now appears to be punishing her by shaving her head. She apparently got the idea from her brother who also falsely alleged an assault by ‘three unknown males’ in 2012. The police should keep an eye out for the safety of this girl.

NY Post:

The sister of the Muslim teen who lied about being harassed to avoid parental punishment for breaking curfew posted a Facebook rant blaming the NYPD and the media for her sister’s lies.

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Sara Seweid made the post Thursday morning and wrote “the NYPD should have never been involved in the first place even if the incident did happen. It became super clear to me these past two weeks that the police’s first instinct is to doubt your story and try to disprove it.”

Her sister Yasmin Seweid, 18, finally admitted to cops Wednesday her story about verbal abuse from three white men yelling “Donald Trump!” was all a lie because she didn’t want to get in trouble with her dad for breaking curfew.

She was arrested and charged with obstructing governmental administration and filing a false report. More

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