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Muslim Immigrant Brutally Rapes A 3-Year-Old Baby Girl: Sweden Migration Board Attempted To Conceal The Incident…



A male refugee in an asylum center in Tingsryd municipality in Sweden, on Tuesday raped a three-year-old child.

The asylum center learned about the rape during the day, and in collaboration with the Swedish Migration Board had decided to move the man from the accommodation to protect him.

They had also chosen not to contact the police in order to conceal this incident.

However it was revealed when friends of the girl’s mother contacted the police. Eight hours later.

But at the asylum center, the police could not get hold of the man, as he had been moved to another place, and employees at the asylum center were reluctant to tell the police of the man’s new location, who he was, or any information at all.

According to a radio clip from Swedish Radio, the police had to contact a responsible [employee]within the Migration Board and force the truth from those in charge of the accommodation.

When such a serious crime as the rape of a three-year-old child is being concealed by employees working with refugees, can you imagine how many less serious crimes they never report?

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