Muslim Migrants Brutally Beat Father For Family’s ‘Violation’ Of Sharia Law

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One family had reservations about the demands of Sharia law, so they decided to refrain from adhering to the controversial laws. However, that didn’t sit well with a group of Muslim migrants, who thought it was only fair to make an example out of the family for “violating” the law. Unfortunately, the father suffered the consequences for the family’s actions, but once you read why they were reprimanded, you’ll definitely be pissed.

According to Express, the influx of migrants are becoming a problem in many areas, because they are applying physical force to make people adhere to Sharia law, even though they are not mandatory. In this particular case, a group of Muslim migrants, claiming to be part of a Sharia patrol in Vienna, Austria, became angry with a man’s wife and daughter because they didn’t approve of how they were dressed.

When the man attempted to intervene on his wife and daughter’s behalf, he was brutally beaten by the Sharia patrol officers. He had done absolutely nothing wrong, and his wife and daughter were not required to follow Sharia law. However, these angry Muslim migrants believe their word is law. More

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