Muslim Molester BUSTED In The Act ➠ Here’s His Mother’s RIDICULOUS Response

Muslim Molester BUSTED In The Act ➠ Here’s His Mother’s RIDICULOUS Response

God only knows how many of these nuts we are importing everyday…

Muslim Molester BUSTED In The Act, Here’s His Mother’s RIDICULOUS Response

A New York City Muslim man was busted in the act as he molested a woman on the subway, but this isn’t the worst part – not by far. As it turns out, the man has been arrested dozens of times and his mother has perhaps the most ridiculous response in defense of her son’s actions.

Basam Syed’s latest arrest took place after pressing up against the backside of an unsuspecting stranger on the No. 6 train, but this wasn’t his first encounter with police. According to reports, the 35-year-old man had been arrested 28 times prior to his most recent detainment, prompting the question; “Why is this guy still on the street?”

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Syed’s past is littered with criminal behavior, including everything from physical assault to sexual assault and even “tongue kissing” a 4-year-old boy. In fact, the Muslim man was just released from a stint in Rikers Island in February after beating his girlfriend.

Somehow, the man has managed to find himself back on the streets despite being arrested a total of 28 times – four of which while on probation. Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Syed has been caught pressing up on the backside of a stranger as he also did so one year ago.

However, according to his mother, this is all a simple attempt to attract a lifelong partner. “It’s not easy to find a wife and have kids,” she later explained. “She has to be a Pakistani. She has to be a Muslim girl.”

How does “tongue kissing” a 4-year-old boy accomplish that?

She eventually went on to say that her son’s rap sheet didn’t accurately represent her beloved offspring. “He doesn’t need help,” she concluded. “Nothing is wrong with him.” More

(Image source: New York Daily News)

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