Muslim Mom Abandons Children For Islamic State

Australia: Muslim Mom Abandons Children for Islamic State

Because above all else,  self, family, nation, man-made law — first Allah for the true, authentic believer.

“Sydney mother who abandoned her two children to join the death cult in Syria,” By Ben McClellan, The Daily Telegraph, May 26, 2015

Mum ‘abandons’ kids for IS-run Syria

Ms Milovanov is believed to have been recruited to ISIS by Zehra Duman.

Ms Milovanov is believed to have been recruited to ISIS by Zehra Duman.

A SYDNEY mother has chosen life under the brutal dictatorship of Islamic State in Syria over her children.

Jasmina Milovanov, 26, abandoned her two children, aged five and seven, with a babysitter earlier this month before telling friends she was in “Sham” — Arabic slang for Syria.

The Muslim convert or “revert” told the babysitter she was going to pick up a new car when she left her Western Sydney home but she never returned.

She sent a text message to her Turkish-Australian ex-husband on May 3, while he was in Turkey, telling him she was in “sham”. She said their son and daughter were being looked after in Australia but he needed to return home.

zehra islamic state

Zehra Duman posted new profile photo on Facebook of a woman holding an AK-47 on February 25.

A former friend believes Ms Milovanov may have been lured to the war-torn region by notorious jihadi bride recruiter Melbourne woman Zehra Duman.

Ms Milovanov, who calls herself Assma Abdullah, is Facebook friends with Duman and posted comments of support when the recently widowed Zehra boasted of her life in Syria earlier this year.

Ms Milovanov’s former husband said he was “absolutely shocked” by the text. There has been no communication since.

“The only thing I can think about is my children, I can’t believe she left these two beautiful children. My son was saying in the days afterwards that he hoped ‘my mum is OK’,” he said.

“Before she (went) I talked to her (about her extreme Facebook posts). I said this is extreme, stupid. I was warning her about who she hang out with,” he said.

jasmina islamic state

Jasmina Milovanov abandoned her two children with a babysitter while she went to Syria to join ISIS.

The police were not told about Ms Milovanov’s disappearance until the children were taken to a relative of her ex-husband several days after she had gone.

Following a difficult childhood, Ms Milovanov converted to Islam in her late teens before meeting her Muslim husband in rural NSW. They wed in 2006 but she left several years afterwards, claiming he was not as devout as she wanted. She had reportedly asked him to grow a beard and expressed her desire to live in Western Sydney’s Muslim community.

Ms Milovanov did not have a full-time job but had recently started work in a call centre while receiving government benefits as a single mother.

Her ex-husband described her as an impressionable dreamer who acted on impulse. She also does not speak fluent Arabic, her ex-husband said.

Two years ago when he went to collect his children she introduced him to her new husband. She separated from the man a week later.

“She will jump. She is the type of girl that starts dreaming about something and wants to do it,” he said.

“I want her to be OK. I don’t want her to be extreme about religion but that’s her choice. I don’t want her to finish her life.

“She must have meet someone who influenced her. I believe she has married someone over there.”

Photo posted by Zehra Duman also known as Umm Abdullatif. Caption is “Ft. The Sharrouf Family, me & Umm Jihad kikn it in the Khilafah”.

Her ex-husband said he found it hard to believe she could afford a plane ticket when he provided financial support for bills and groceries. In the text she sent him she said she had not paid her rent.

“There is not much the government can do. I can’t do much. If I had been here I would not have let her go, she knows that,” he said.

“Syria is not a good place to be and is not good for the religion as well.”

In a recent Facebook post Milovanov assured friends she was okay and was in the “blessed land of sham” but had bad phone reception.

“Please forgive me for everything,” she said.

When questioned by her friends about why she had left her children she quickly deleted the post.

The former friend she often talked about marrying a jihadi fighter.

“She went on and on about marriage and finding a man but when men showed interest in her she would turn them down and say she’s waiting for her husband in Jannah (paradise),” they said. More

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