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Muslim Rapes Female Student To Near Death… Then Asks If She Had Enjoyed It

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As a female student was walking alone, a Muslim refugee jumped the unsuspecting girl and proceeded to violently rape and beat her. As he climbed off of her bruised and battered body, he asked her one simple question that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

The Daily Mail reports that a 25-year-old German girl, identified only as Lara, is lucky to be alive after an Algerian migrant cornered her in a dark alley as she was walking home from a nightclub in Hannover. The 37-year-old Muslim migrant, known as Rheda, sadistically beat the young woman as he raped her, repeatedly shouting “Inshallah,” which translates from Arabic to “if Allah wills it.” However, that wasn’t the only thing he said.

Boldly coming before the court, Lara pointed out her rapist and courageously revealed that, as she lay bloody and beaten, he asked her, “Did you enjoy it?” More

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