Muslim Storms Child Christening Shouting ➠ “There Is Only God But Allah”

Muslim storms child christening in Norwegian church shouting, “there is only god but Allah”

From a Norwegian reader: A Muslim interrupted a child christening in church by running to the sacristy with the Quran in hand, yelling that Allah is the only true god. More of the same vicious Islamic supremacism that millions engage in and we are told is a figment of our islamophobic imaginations.

Another lesson in interfaith dialogue and mutual understanding from our Islamic superiors. Respect it!

“Muslim ran forward and shouted in Allah under,”,

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muslim child christening
A Muslim showed Koran and shouted out who he thinks is the right thing to God.
Kristin Bjørntvedt Email

Shiv: Yvonne Johannessen from Sandefjord was in church as a sponsor in a christening. She believes more experienced event in Sandar church quite dramatic. Photo: Private

Under worship in Sandar Church in Sandefjord Wednesday should more children baptized. The church was therefore full of family members, but there was also a man present, in the back row, who hardly was concerned the new parishioners. He had been sitting there for quite a while before the service began, according provost Øyvind Nordin.
Race to the altar

– When the service began, he ran to the altar and said who he thinks is the right thing to God. Meanwhile, he spoke Quran tells Dean, who was present during the service.

There was a minister Kåre Sten Larsen who officiated. The priest, the sexton and Dean grabbed the incident when it happened.

It was Nordin who took off his man and offered him space beside it. If he did not want it, the option to leave the church.

– I also told him that one must show respect for that have different religious views, says Nordin.

– How did you and others in the church what happened?

– I think that it was not as dramatic, but those in the church experienced plenty more dramatic. No panicked, but they were hesitant. And then there was perhaps a little småskummelt considering the terrorist events in other countries in recent years, he says.

– But he did not act violent or dangerously. He was a peaceful man, adds dean.

Yvonne Johannessen was in church as a sponsor in a christening.

– I think that most experienced quite dramatically. It was uncomfortable and the talk in barnedpåsselskapet afterwards, she says.

Went voluntarily out. More

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