Muslim Terrorist Leader From Minnesota Inspired Texas Terror Attack

Muslim Terrorist Leader From Minnesota Inspired Texas Terror Attack

The two Islamic radicals killed in Texas Sunday are just the latest examples of homegrown terrorists with connections to Minnesota.

The two men shot down while attempting to attack a prophet Muhammad cartoon-drawing contest–Elton Simpson, 30, and Nadir Hamid Soofi, 34–drew their inspiration (and perhaps even received their direct orders) from an ISIS leader formerly from Minnesota.

Minnesota CBS affiliate WCCO reports that Mujahid Miski, whose real name is Mohammed Abdullahi Hassan, left Minneapolis in 2008 to join al-Shabaab in Somalia and was indicted in 2009 on terror charges. He is believed to still be in Somalia.

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A little over a week before the “Texas Terror” assault, Miski tweeted “The brothers from the Charlie Hebdo attack did their part. It’s time for brothers in the #US to do their part.”

Minnesota Muslim Tweet - Charlie

The January attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris left 11 dead. The magazine had printed a series of cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad.

Elton Simpson tweeted back, “When will they ever learn? They are planning on selecting the best picture drawn of Rasulullah (saws) in Texas.” Rasulullah is another name for Muhammad.

Moments before last night’s attack, Simpson tweeted “May Allah accept us as mujahideen,” adding the hashtag #texasattack. Minutes later, Simpson and the other gunmen were dead.

Minnesota - Tweet - Allah Accept

Soon after, Miski and other radicals were online celebrating Simpson’s martyrdom and even tweeting “This one should hit the front page.” Miski also tweeted that he would miss Simpson’s daily greetings. More

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