Muslim Who Beheaded Grandmother In London ➠ Yelling ‘Allah’ ➠ Found Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity


Muslim Who Beheaded Grandmother In London, Yelling ‘Allah’, Found Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity

Chilling video.


Via Breitbart:

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London’s Central Criminal Court has heard how police struggled to subdue Nicholas ‘Fat Nick’ Salvador, a Nigerian convert to Islam, after he went on a killing spree with a machete and beheaded 82-year-old Palmira Silva.


The court case swiftly became less about whether Salvador killed Silva, which he admits, but rather about his state of mind. This afternoon Salvador, who had to be tazered six times before he was arrested, was found not guilty of murder on grounds of insanity.


The court heard the remarkable scenes surrounding his apprehension, including the super-human feats of strength and endurance Salvador was able to summon to avoid his own arrest, reports The Evening Standard. More

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