Muslim Woman Refuses To Take Off Head Scarf For Police & Pays The Price


As has been made perfectly clear, Muslims care nothing for rules unless they were the set forth by Muhammad. However, when one Muslim woman decided that she would not follow an officer’s orders to remove her hijab, well, let’s just say she found out how big of a mistake that was after the fact.

It all began in Michigan’s Wayne County where Maha Aldhalimi had parked in a no-parking zone outside of her local Walmart on September 15, 2014. Things got even worse for the Muslim woman after police wrote her a ticket.

They ran her license plate number and discovered she had a warrant out for her arrest for another parking ticket that she failed to pay. Apparently she made a habit out of breaking the rules when it came to where she wanted to park.

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As one would imagine, Aldhalimi was arrested, but this is where things took a turn for the worse. According to reports, officers ordered the Muslim woman to remove her head scarf so that they could process her. She declined.

She tried explaining to officers that it was strictly against her religion and that she wasn’t supposed to take it off in front of strangers, but her pleas fell upon deaf ears. Officers then told her one last time to “remove her hijab or it would be removed involuntarily against her will.”

At that point, the woman “was shivering and crying from the humiliation and distress of the encounter and orders,” but she reluctantly complied with the request. Since that time, Aldhalimi has filed a lawsuit against the police in the U.S. District Court in Detroit with the Michigan chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. More


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