Muslim Woman Sues Domino’s After ‘Bomb Threat’ Arrest


Muslim Woman Sues Domino’s Over 2012 Pizza Order…

She should have eaten the cardboard and composted the pizza.


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No matter how you slice it, a poorly made pizza isn’t usually grounds for a lawsuit, but it was the start of one filed in Polk County on Thursday.


“The worst pizza you can possibly imagine,” said attorney Thania Clevenger. “I think that pizza she received was because they saw what she looked like.”


In July 2012, Hakima Benaddi said it was the first time she had worn a hijab, a Muslim head scarf, to pick up a pizza at the Davenport location. Benaddi says when she returned with what she called a poorly made pizza, employees weren’t helpful which resulted in a verbal confrontation.


After Benaddi left, the store manager made a report to the police saying Benaddi had threatened to blow up the store with a bomb.


Benaddi was arrested that night, although the charges were soon dropped.[…]


“She make big story, she creates big story, that story damaged my life,” Benaddi said.


“The parties involved here just assumed that because she’s Moroccan because she is Muslim it was very probable that she really in fact threatened to blow someone up,” Clevenger said. More

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