Muslims Declare Disgusting Holiday To Replace Christmas & Birth Of Christ


In Muslim countries, even eating on Ramadan can land a non-Muslim in jail. However, non-Muslim holidays like Christmas aren’t off limits to Muslim supremacists.


Demanding Muslims simply cannot allow Christians to celebrate Christmas, so, they’ve declared a despicable new holiday be recognized, in an attempt to steal glory away from Christ’s birth. If you thought Starbucks cups and saying “happy holidays” were an attack on Christmas, it’s nothing compared to this.

Emirates 24|7 reports that the UAE has officially declared December 24, the day before Christians honor the birth of Jesus, as the birthday of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

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Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, and Chairman of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, has declared Thursday, December 24, an official holiday for the public sector to mark the birth anniversary of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), postponed from December 23.

In a blatant attempt to overshadow the most holy day for many Christians, Muslims are trying to steal the spotlight for their own pedophile prophet. Although Muhammad’s death is marked as June 8, 632 A.D., it is unknown what date he was born.

At first glance, one might assume that perhaps al-Hammadi and his Muslim supporters are simply wanting their own prophet’s birth to be recognized, and maybe this is just an attempt to show solidarity with Christianity. However, Muslims already celebrate their perverse prophet’s birth on the 12th or 17th day of the third month of the Muslim calendar. So, they can be flexible with their celebration — if they wanted.

Imagine if we, the Christian majority, decided in the U.S. to move Passover next year to June 6, when Muslims begin fasting for Ramadan. How would the Muslim world react if Christians and Jews rescheduled their holiday feasts to overlap onto this Islamic holiday? Considering that Muslims often deny non-Muslims the right to eat in public during their religious holidays, there’d probably be riots, slaughter, and chaos, as there usually is when Muslims are “offended.”

Christianity in the U.S. and abroad is slowly being erased, and through our own indifference, we’re allowing it to be replaced with something sinister.

Although “moderate Muslims” have fooled many ignorant kaffir into believing that the Quran respects Jesus and calls Him one of the prophets, they are hiding the truth. The Quran mentions Christ many times, even more than the name of Muhammad, but it vehemently denies that He is the Son of God.

The Quran refuses to acknowledge Christ’s divinity, much less that He is God in the flesh come down to save everyone from the fate of their sins, should they choose. Instead, it declares that “Allah is one,” shamelessly denying God’s trinity and the only path to salvation — Jesus Christ.

The Quran denies that Jesus claimed to be the Son of God and seeks to pass itself off as the final revelation of God, coinciding with the Bible and Torah. However, we who’ve read them understand that Jesus not only claimed to be the Son of God, the angels, demons, prophets, disciples, and even God declared that He was undeniably the Messiah.

This is just one reason why Islam cannot coexist with Christianity and Judaism, much less any other religion, and this perverted, false revelation that denies Jesus Christ should never be given respect or tolerance.

Perhaps the greatest demonic lie was creating this religion, which has led 1.6 billion Muslims into believing that Jesus was never God, never died on the cross, and never cleansed us from our sins — denying them a chance at salvation.

It is time for Christians to stand up to this lie. We are charged with exposing evil, as it says in Ephesians 5:11. To see God’s people uplifting and applauding this false religion that’s stealing so many away from Him must be a giant slap in His face. No more standing with evil. No more defending a lie. It’s time to declare spiritual warfare on that which seeks to kill, steal, and destroy through Islam.

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