Muslims Everywhere PISSED As New Law Could Send Them Packing…


As Muslims continue to flock from their home nations, which are engulfed in war on account of their own religion, it seems that the West is just about at capacity when it comes to their nonsense. Putting into place a bold idea, a new law could eventually send them packing – for good.

There’s no arguing that the Middle East is among the most dangerous places in the world for one reason and one reason only. Unfortunately, it seems that leftists are too dumb to know the actual problem there, and if they do, they’re not admitting to anything.

As Islamists continue to flood into Europe, they’re seeing the actual impact of the religion first hand – and they do not like it. The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron has put before the people a daring new proposal that could eventually have Muslims running back to the land from which they came.

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Of course, things aren’t quite that cut and dry, but it’s clear that Europe is definitely seeing a need to intervene. According to reports, the aim of the proposal is to prevent anyone, specifically children, from being manipulated or brainwashed into sympathizing with the more extremist Muslims.

“Islamist extremists don’t just threaten our security, they jeopardize all that we’ve built together – our successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy,” Cameron wrote on his Facebook page recently. “While Islamist extremists in no way represent the true spirit of Islam, we cannot ignore the fact that they attempt to justify their views and actions through Islamic scripture and theology.”

The 40-page proposal seeks to “restrict access to premises which are repeatedly used to support extremism,” which could even include mosques.

Of course, if that ever does turn out to be the case, Muslims may be forced to go back to their home nations to worship in a way they see fit. Personally, I see Muslims putting up a stink as they love the freedoms our Western culture provides, but if push came to shove, them leaving could very well be the case.

You see, that’s exactly what is wrong with Islam – they will argue Western culture has got to go, all the while saying their speech is protected by our nation’s laws. They’re kind of funny like that. Proving just that, members of Islam are already whining about how “unfair” the idea is.

If you ask me, having a crazy member of their religion kill any amount of people because they believe that’s what their so-called “holy book” told them to do is really what’s unfair.

As secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, Shuja Shafi, argues, “Whether it is in mosques, education or charities, the strategy will reinforce perceptions that all aspects of Muslim life must undergo a ‘compliance’ test to prove our loyalty to this country.” Oh boo-hoo.

If you really want to distinguish yourselves from the extremist portion of your religion, then here’s what you have to do — publicly denounce their actions. Saying they’re not “real” Muslims doesn’t cut it. You’re going to have to outright have your scholars and leaders declare that those who act on the religion in such a way not only aren’t Muslim, but they don’t get into paradise.

I wonder what a so-called “moderate” Muslims would say if anyone demanded they make such a declaration. My money is on them coming up with some cockamamie excuse as to why it wouldn’t matter. More

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