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Muslims Find Out Egyptian Girls Are Christian ➠ So They Do The Unthinkable!



Muslims Find Out Egyptian Girls Are Christian, So They Do The Unthinkable

With the mainstream media either excusing the Muslim perpetrators of heinous crimes or indefensibly covering up the daily inhumanity, the plight of Christians under Islamic rule is almost always ignored or completely unheard.

One of these atrocities is so barbaric and colossal, it is nearly unbelievable that Western media hasn’t utilized the incredible freedom and responsibility of the press to shed light on such evil, but thanks to one independent news group, it will no longer be ignored.

The Glazov Gang is not only giving a voice to the persecuted innocent, they are fearlessly calling out the mainstream media and Islamosympathizers for their hypocrisy.

In the last few years, more than 550 Coptic Christian girls have been abducted for slavery, rape, forced labor, sex trafficking, human organ harvesting, and other unspeakable horrors by their Muslim captors. Most of these women and children are forced to convert. If they do not, they are disposable at any time.

After the fall of former Egytian President Hosni Mubarak, the number of kidnapped Coptic Christian girls has tripled, with nearly half of all abductees raped by their captors. Because the Egyptian government refuses to acknowledge that such things exist in their country, Raymond Ibrahim has dedicated his life to exposing the brutality of an Islamic regime upon the suffering minorities.


There was no hashtag created for these hundreds of Christian girls, no social media uproar or photos of Barack and Michelle Obama pouting as they held up makeshift signs. In fact, the plight of Christians in Egypt and other Muslim countries is so negated that there is little to no coverage of the horrific atrocities exacted against the Christian minority by Muslims. But, thanks to The Glazov Gang, these girls will have a voice; even though, most of them will never be seen again.

However, like all media or individuals who speak out against Islam, there is nation-wide backlash, most often resulting in the silencing of such criticism. But the gang is not backing down, even after the threat of being shut down due to a cut in funding.


Although they’ve raised enough money to stay on the air for another month, they must raise enough to cover a full year’s expense as soon as possible, if they want to continue to fight Islamic jihad in America:

“It has been a tremendous success already, for which we are eternally indebted to our supporters.


“Now we need our fans to keep the support coming — because we need $30,000 to keep the show going for a year. With the love we are already receiving, we are very optimistic that this goal can be reached.”

The Glazov Gang has created a Kickstarter campaign and a paypal account in a race against time to keep their foundation alive, and they are asking their viewers to contribute anything they can, even if it’s $1 . More

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