Muslims Hack To Death Secular Writer/Blogger

Such news always comes with the attendant “religion of peace” propaganda or the nonsensical, “it’s a cultural thing.” When in fact the culture is Islamic, and the unspeakable violence against those who are considered to be violating Islam’s blasphemy laws (do not criticize Islam) is rigorously enforced everywhere. Not only are violators targeted (like the bloody assassination attempt against us in Garland, Texas), but the media supports and adheres to this brutal and savage system of governance, blaming the blasphemers for “inciting” and “provoking.” GOP candidates like Donald Trump advocate for adherence to these laws as well, condemning us for “taunting” Muslims.


Has the Washington Post attacked Neel yet?

Violent intolerance to freedom is not exclusive to Muslim countries, but such inhumane dictates are pervasive in the West as well. The staff of Charlie Hebdo were slaughtered, and Lars Vilks, Kurt Westergaard, Bosch Fawstin, Robert Spencer et al and I live under constant threat.

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It is not a small, “radical” “fringe” of the Muslim population that supports this. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Bangladesh have demonstrated repeatedly in support for death to bloggers who criticize or offend Islam.

My thoughts and prayer are with the family of Niloy Neel. He died a gruesome death because he was a free thinker.

I do not expect the jihadi in the White House to speak out against this savagery or to condemn the supremacism of the sharia, which is what any decent leader of the free world would do.

Niloy Neel’s death follows three such murders earlier this year. On February 26, machete-wielding religious fundamentalists hacked US-Bangladeshi blogger Avijit Roy to death. He was promoting his book “The Virus of Faith” in Dhaka.


On March 30, another blogger, Washiqur Rahman was killed for being openly critical of religious hardliners. On May 12, 31-year-old Ananta Bijoy Das was murdered.


The slain bloggers’ names have featured on a “hit list” of 84 people that has been allegedly circulating in the internet since 2013.

The hit list has no time limit. It never expires. Neither does the fatwa on our heads. And the Obama administration says nothing. His silence is sanction.

Secular blogger Niloy Neel hacked to death in Bangladesh,”


Men armed with machetes have hacked Bangladeshi blogger Niloy Neel to death in Dhaka. This is the fourth such killing of a secular online activist in Bangladesh since the beginning of this year.


Niloy Neel


Niloy Neel, also known as Niloy Chowdhury, was murdered in his apartment in Bangladesh’s capital on Friday.


“They entered his room in the fifth floor and shoved his friend aside and then hacked him (Neel) to death. He was a listed target of the Islamist militants,” Imran H. Sarker, head of Bangladesh Blogger and Activist Network told journalists. Sarker also tweeted the news.


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.33.37 AM


The 40-year-old Neel lived in the apartment with his family. His assailants had entered the building posing as potential tenants, Sarker added.


Police confirmed the activist’s death, but did not have any more details at the moment.


Neel was a secular blogger and often wrote for the platform “Ganajagaran Mancha” demanding capital punishment for 1971 war criminals.


Bloggers from Bangladesh and took to Twitter to express shock at the secular activist’s murder. More
Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.34.32 AM


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