NAACP Race Faker Featured In SEX TAPE ➠ But There’s So Much More

NAACP Race Faker Featured In SEX TAPE, But There’s So Much More

The more we hear about the now-infamous race faker, Rachel Dolezal, the more her tight web of lies comes untangled and her life crashes before her eyes, as it should. The most recent report is that she was in a homemade sex tape, and the details surrounding it are every bit as bizarre as you’d expect.

MailOnline is reporting that the 37-year-old white woman-turned-black-through-feelings-alone, who’s been deceiving people for nearly a decade into believing she was of Native American and black descent, openly admits to being in a sex tape made with her now ex-husband, who’s likely thanking his lucky stars he got away from this whack job. However, in what is likely another lie, during a brutal divorce in which she attempted to deny Moore custody of their young son Franklin, she claims that her ex, Kevin Moore, who is a devout Christian, forced her into committing “sexual acts” on camera.

NAACP Race Faker Featured In SEX TAPE, But There’s So Much More

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Moore denied the allegations; however, it didn’t stop the two-bit nutcase from leveling a series of reputation-killing charges against the physical therapist, who she married in 2000. Among the claims Dolezal made, she said that she suffered “years” of “physical, emotional, sexual, and verbal abuse” at the hands of Moore, which he also denies, and she accused him of being a danger to their son.

NAACP Race Faker Featured In SEX TAPE, But There’s So Much More

Dolezal’s “evidence” of the alleged abuse focused around a “video tape made at the request of the defendant, which required the plaintiff to participate in sexual acts with the defendant on tape against the plaintiff’s desires.” She claims that she suffered “hair pulling and forcible restraint” in the video, as well as other humiliating acts. More


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