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National Archives Voiced Alarm Over Hillary Clinton’s Record Keeping Practices Over 5 Year Period

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National Archives Had Voiced Alarm Over Hillary Clinton’s Record Keeping Practices For Over Five Years

Yet, no one blew the whistle, not these guys and not anyone who saw her operating with at least two private email addresses.

Via Fox News:

Over a five-year span, senior officials at the National Archives and Records Administrations (NARA) voiced growing alarm about Hillary Clinton’s record-keeping practices as secretary of state, according to internal documents obtained by Fox News.


During Clinton’s final days in office, Paul Wester, the director of Modern Records Programs at NARA – essentially the agency’s chief records custodian – privately emailed five NARA colleagues to confide his fear that Clinton would take her official records with her when she left office, in violation of federal statutes.


Referring to a colleague whose full name is unknown, Wester wrote on December 11, 2012: “Tom heard (or thought he heard) from the Clinton Library Director that there are or may be plans afoot for taking her records from State to Little Rock.” That was a reference to the possibility that Clinton might seek to house her records at the Clinton Presidential Center, which was largely funded by the Clinton Foundation. More

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