Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Funded Radical Group With “All Cops Are Bastards” Banner

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 2.52.54 PMNation’s Largest Teachers Union, NEA, Funded Radical Group With “All Cops Are Bastards” Banner


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Via Daily Caller:

A militant Wisconsin group funded heavily by the National Education Association — America’s largest teachers union — unfurled a banner declaring “ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS” at an anti-police protest last week.


The group, Wisconsin Jobs Now, organized the protest on Wednesday, EAGnews.org reports.


Despite the name “Wisconsin Jobs Now,” the small, radical group has spent considerable time and energy in recent months protesting police tactics.


Wisconsin Jobs Now has long targeted the Milwaukee police department. It has now branched some 80 miles west to Madison.


The National Education Association is a major financial donors for Wisconsin Jobs Now. The teachers union — the largest in the United States — gave $125,000 to Wisconsin Jobs Now in 2014 alone.


The other major contributor to the radical group is the Service Employees International Union.


However, the generous $125,000 contribution from the NEA is the only income or revenue Wisconsin Jobs Now reported in 2014, according to a Department of Labor report. More

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