Watch NBC Host Get Into Heated Exchange With Stormy Daniels’ Attorney

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie accused Stormy Daniels’s attorney of ‘playing games’ over evidence of Trump affair in a heated exchange…

Since Stormy admitted on camera to Anderson Cooper that she has previously lied about Trump, why should anyone believe anything she ever says? Just asking.

Who put this lawyer up to defending “Stormy Daniels.” He usually works for political hacks like Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden. So why her?


NBC’s Savannah Guthrie got into a heated exchange with Stormy Daniels’ attorney asking him why the former porn star hasn’t come forward with evidence she may have against President Donald Trump. Guthrie pressed Avenatti until he claimed Daniels is prepared to describe personal things about the president. This guy is a schmuck!

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Savannah Guthrie asked the former porn star’s lawyer why Daniels does not just turn over the evidence to prove that she had an affair with Trump.

Guthrie pressed Avenatti:

“You were here almost three weeks ago, and I asked if there was any evidence, documentary evidence, text messages, photo evidence that verified that Stormy Daniels had the affair that she claims she had. You said to me, ‘that’s a question Ms. Daniels will have to ultimately answer.’ Cut to last night, she’s asked directly about this on “60 Minutes” and she says my attorney has instructed me not to answer. So does this or doesn’t she have the evidence?” 

Avenatti responded by saying it is not the right time to release all of the evidence:

“Again, we’re not going to get into the details of everything we have at this time and there’s a reason for that. We’re in the early stages of this case. we understand the American people want all the information right now immediately. It would make no sense for us to play our hand, as to this issue, and we’re not going to do it right now.”

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