Nearly 100 Officers Injured In Baltimore Riots

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Nearly 100 Officers Injured In #BaltimoreRiots

But “Let them loot, it’s just property”…

Via LA Times:

Baltimore police have given their findings into the death of Freddie Gray to the state prosecutor a day earlier than the self-imposed deadline, Police Commissioner Anthony Batts announced Thursday.


Police later announced that nearly 100 officers have been injured in the days of confrontation with 13 seriously enough to be placed on medical leave and 15 on light duty. In addition, 106 people who had been arrested during the disturbances have been released because police have been unable to charge them during the 48-hour period after their arrest.


The results of the police investigation were sent to State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who will decide the next step, including whether to bring charges against any of the six officers who were involved in arresting and transporting Gray on April 12. Gray died a week later of a severed spine, touching off days of protests and Monday night rioting, looting and mass arrests. More

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